Number 17. Tuesday, 13th October, 2015

In memoriam David Anglesey 
(7th. July, 1943 – 13th. October, 2015)

David Anglesey in 2010 during Choir Practice
[photo: Hans van den Bos]
The Orpheus Choir's first Honorary Member, David Anglesey, died today at the age of just seventy-two. In remembrance of him, Hans has made up a special video with his photo and a recording of David singing in a concert in 2008.

David's powerful tenor voice was legendary in these parts, where he sang in many concerts and shows and was also in great demand as a wedding singer. I feel honoured and privileged to have been his vocal coach from 2006 up to the time back in 2012, when his illness made singing  impossible for him.  Joining the choir in 2008, he became its most avid fan and supporter and, despite increasing difficulty with mobility, continued to attend choir practices almost every week, because he loved it so much and also, as he confided to me privately, to show an example to the other members of just how worthwhile he felt the choir was. 

'Lord God of Abraham' from 'Elijah' is a truly apt tribute to honour this brave and lovable man, not only because it was one of his favorite arias (“the choir should sing more Mendelssohn, it is so good for the voice”, he often used to say), but also because, in a private concert at his home in September, 2011, with great fortitude and courage despite his many ailments, he stood up and sang it for the last time. We who were there will never forget it, nor the gentle-man himself either.

Hilary Reynolds

David Anglesey sings:

> Lord God of Abraham <

From the Oratorio ''Elijah''
F. Mendelssohn Bartholdy

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